Anna Clark, Katie Yip, Levi Nordquist, & Jon Owen

A Cross-Town Collaboration between Paradigm Studios and NeXa Studios

Date: Jun 21 2024 – Jun 23 2024
Workshops on Fri, Sat, & Sun
From: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Location: NeXa Studios, 50 West 72nd St, New York NY 10023

Sweat Social is a comprehensive workout workshop weekend designed to challenge your body and mind. Connect with others who love Pilates, love to learn, love to network, and mostly, love to work out!

As the next generation of teachers, these four highlight a variety of teaching styles and origins within the Pilates method. The aim is to collaborate and build community in honor of a love of fitness and movement. Sweat Social invites all professionals in the industry and advanced students to take part without judgment.

Join this summer for a weekend packed with workouts, workshops, happy hour and celebration! Leave the dogma at the door and get ready to sweat!

Friday, June 21 (Total 5 hrs each attendee)

    • 8am – 12n Lessons & Observation*
    • 12n – 1pm “Advanced Mat” Workout with Anna Clark (all groups)
    • 1pm – 2:30 Workshop with Anna Clark: Pilates for Strength (all groups)
    • 2:30 – 4pm Workshop with Katie Yip: Barrels (all groups)
    • 4pm – 5pm “Standing Mat” Workout with Levi Nordquist (all groups)
    • 5pm Networking Happy Hour

Saturday, June 22 (Total 4 hrs each attendee)

    • 8am – 10am Lessons & Observation*
    • 10am – 1pm Reformer, Tower, & Wunda Chair Workouts (morning groups)
    • 1pm – 2pm “Magic Circle Mat” Workout with Katie Yip (all groups)
    • 2pm – 5pm Reformer, Tower, & Wunda Chair Workouts (afternoon groups)

Sunday, June 23 (Total 4 hrs each attendee)

    • 8am – 10am Lessons & Observation*
    • 10am – 11am “Rise & Shine Mat” Class with Jon Owen (all groups)
    • 11am – 12:30 Workshop with Jon Owen: “Hold Your Head High – The Neck Stretcher” (all groups)
    • 12:30 – 2pm Workshop with Levi Nordquist: “Foot Corrector” (all groups)
    • 2pm Closing Celebration

Lessons are not included in the workshop, please book separately with your specific teacher. All are welcome to observe. 

There is a strong no refunds policy. Please be certain you will be able to make the event before registering!