Mike Daly

Pilates Video Archive

Long Back Stretch & Russian Splits

March 25th 2024

2nd time adding the Long Back Stretch into the Reformer flow.  Finished with both Front & Russian Splits.

Left Knee TLC

January 22nd 2024

A tender flow to address the left knee. Note that the video glitched & only recorded one screen until about the 1:45 minute mark.

“Family Mat”

August 18th 2023

Party Mat class with Robin & Aidan.  Props used were a Magic Circle, stretch band, and the foam roller.

“Goodmorning Reformer”

July 6th 2023

Rise and shine with this 6:30am Reformer flow from July 6th. 

“Wall Squat Finale”

June 15th 2023

Solid Reformer flow where we finished off with some Wall Squats.