Ayanna Contreras

Pilates Video Archive

“High Chair & Tower”

March 27th 2024

High Chair warmup followed by standing Arm Springs, then Side Lying Leg Springs on the Tower.

“Hip Opening Caddy”

March 21st 2024

Push through Hip Stretch and a little funky Monkey love.

“Tower @ Christina’s”

March 15th 2024

Tweaking the Mat flow with the Tower in setting up a group class.

“Tower @ Hummingbird”

March 13th 2024

Planting the seeds for a dancer’s Tower group class.  Loosely followed the order of the Mat.

“Spine Corrector TLC”

February 7th 2024

Following the general template of the Mat work order, this restorative Spine Corrector flow is full of tender loving care.

“Wunda Chair”

January 31st 2024

Another Wunda-ful Wednesday on the chair.

“Jay’s Exercise”

January 24th 2024

Spine Corrector flow ending with “Jay’s Exercise” to help open the hips and explore that external rotation.

“Swan Support”

August 7th, 2023

Starting with a bit of Spine Corrector to open the front, this flow was focused on finding the support needed to stay long in the Swan on top of the Wunda Chair.

“Lower Back Fix”

August 2nd 2023

After teaching like a mother f’er and the lower back was a bit cranky, this workout started with a warm up on the Caddy focusing on lumbar length. Next up was the Baby Chair, and to finish some Ladder Barrel.

“Wunda Wedding Prep”

July 17th 2023

Coming off of your birthday and feeling fabulous…  ‘Twas the week before hosting the wedding we went at it hard.  All hands on deck for this banger of a workout!